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Sypher Signature™ BlackBox Programming and Key Management System
SMI offers a comprehensive Third Party Trusted Authority service for chip and module manufacturers, operators, broadcasters, security providers, integrators, consumer electronic manufacturers to take control of their own business and products.

SypherMedia Library™
SMI’s “SypherMedia Library” (SML), also known as Circuit Camouflage, has never been successfully reverse engineered leading to a pirated part. SML is a unique and innovative technology that when incorporated into an ASIC design, the silicon itself will resist reverse-engineering attacks.

SypherShield™ Technology
SypherShield Technology (SST) is a unique and innovative approach to offer data protection and key management system solutions to our customers.

Security Evaluation and Consulting Services
SMI provides security evaluation services to many companies serving in an array of commercial disciplines. SMI is uniquely suited to perform a wide range of security evaluations due to our unique makeup engineers and exposure to security technologies in the areas of hardware, software and systems engineering.

Technology & Services
SypherMedia Library™ Circuit Camouflage Technology
SypherShield Technology
Sypher Signature™ BlackBox Programming Service
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