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SypherShield Technology (SST™) is a unique and innovative approach to offer data protection and key management system solutions to our customers. SST is a modular design wherein various components can be utilized to upgrade and enhance existing key generation, data distribution, content protection, Conditional Access System (CAS) and/or Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems. SST is a modular key distribution system that can be tailored a number of security and data distribution applications. SST provides multiple layer technology solutions for a variety of protection systems. Utilizing the secrets SMI programs into chipset and modules via our Sypher Signature™ BlackBox Programming and Key Management System, SST provides a hardware root of trust as the keys are only processed inside the SoC/module Key Store and never exported to software. This provides the same, or better, protection as a hardened security module such as found in smart card based systems. SST is deployed as a cardless solution employing only the SoC or module as appropriate.

For content distribution systems using a Smart Card or cardless system, SMI offers a hardware based method to deliver cryptographic keys from the Headend (origin of content distribution) to the Consumer Electronic Device (e.g. Set Top Box) security core, called SypherMedia Pairing (SMP™).

SMP protects the delivery of the cryptographic keys (e.g. Control Word) by uniquely encrypting it from the Headend to the SoC security core key ladder decryption block. Using SMP the cryptographic keys are never exposed in an unencrypted form until used directly in the SoC security core key ladder.

SST is designed for all types of key generation, data distribution, content protection architectures such as CDN, Satellite, Cable, Telco, IPTV, and Digital Terrestrial distribution. We provide two distinct deployment examples for our SST key distribution architecture: Data distribution and Pay TV.

For data distribution applications, our modular SST solution provides full key generation and key distribution protection suitable for sending sensitive files and application data across any network. Our hierarchical key distribution platform allows users to easily configure and deploy their security policy across their network.

SypherMedia offers a reference design for a DVB compliant PayTV broadcast system. The reference system also includes IP-based Headend components for a hybrid broadcast/Internet enabled system. The DVB defined components of the broadcast system (EMMG, ECMG) are compatible with ETSI TS 103 197 (SimulCrypt). For a detailed discussion of an SST augmented PayTV implementation, please review the following link.

Both data distribution and PayTV SST systems frequently utilize System Initialization Cards. System Initialization Cards are used to securely initialize Headend servers and protect cryptographic keys used in the system applications. For a detailed discussion of System Initialization Cards please visit the following link.

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