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Sypher Signature™ BlackBox Programming and Key Management System

SMI offers a comprehensive Third Party Trusted Authority service for chip and module manufacturers, operators, broadcasters, security providers, integrators, consumer electronic manufacturers to take control of their own business and products.

Sypher Signature™ BlackBox programming and key management service is available to everyone wishing to:
•  take full advantage of a true hardware root of trust in today’s SoCs and modules
•  take ownership of their secret keys and
•  take ownership of their signing key and sign their own software code

Sypher Signature™ BlackBox Progrmaming and Key Management System

Sypher Signature™ BlackBox Programming System Overview

There is no capital expense or non-recurring set up fees required by our Customers because SMI is already up and running at all major SoC and module vendors. The cost per chip is the lowest in the industry and there are no additional customer charges to add new SoC and module vendors at any time.

SMI is the only independent third party providing Unique IDs and Secret Key Programming services on chip and module manufacturing lines. With over 50 licensed customers and agreements with eleven different vendors, SMI offers custom programming solutions to any computer, operator, Consumer Electronics (CE) company and security provider needing additional methods to protect their intellectual property. This service provides computer companies, operators and CE companies a method to protect their valuable code/data and investment while providing Pay TV Broadcasters and Conditional Access Systems / Digital Right Management (CAS/DRM) vendors a method to protect the content distribution.

SMI’s Sypher Signature™ BlackBox Programming Services can be used to support a wide variety of companies wishing to add additional security protection mechanisms to their systems. Our technology enables the use of high security features, secure silicon and functions native in the SoC/module, and provides a hardware root of trust for strong authentication of third-party secrets. Compatible with existing security protection systems, Sypher Signature™ BlackBox Programming and Key Management System enables our customers to take control of the security in their systems by owning their own secret keys. Symmetric and RSA keys used for Intellectual Property protection can be allocated as desired by our customers.

Advanced content distribution and intellectual property protection requires that embedded security features are enabled and specific information to be loaded into chips and modules. Normally, access to programming services of unique IDs and Secret Keys is reserved for high volume security vendors who independently develop their own infrastructure on the SoC and module product line. This is expensive and complicated. However SMI is in the unique position to offer Sypher Signature™ BlackBox Programming and Key Management Services for virtually any SoC vendor or module manufacturer. SMI provides a common interface and access to secure silicon features incorporated into today’s SoC’s and modules allowing customers to maximize security in their systems. SMI offers support with a wide variety of SoC and module manufacturers to suit our customers product and business needs.

Custom BlackBox Programming Service (PDF)

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